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Our new aquarium course is guaranteed to teach you the most common mistakes fishkeepers make when setting up a new freshwater fish tank. If you are killing your fish when setting up a new freshwater aquarium, you are doing something wrong.

Our new aquarium course uncovers some of the most common mistakens even an experienced fishkeeper makes when keeping a fish tank:

  • Overfeeding Your Fish
  • Not Having The Correct Water Parameter
  • Incompatible Tank Mate
  • Ignoring Problem Symptoms

Keeping fish does not have to be complicated. With our online course you will immediately discover that there are only just a few rules that you need to follow to maintain a healthy and lively fish tank that all of your friends will admire.

In our online course, you will also discover:

  • Why you would rather starve your fish than overfeed them
  • What you must do before placing new fish in your tank to avoid killing them
  • How to save $12 by building your own gravel vacuum cleaner
  • How to situate your fish tank for best Feng Shui

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